August 03, 2011 General News

#5 On iHeart Radio

Debuting on "Discover and Uncover" at number 7, the 750 plus radio outlet
 lists Tobi as "Artist to Watch"

New York NY:  Having debuted at number 7 on the iHeart Radio Top 20 On Demand charts, the song "Brighten Up My Day" has emerged to the 5th spot on the list and holding steady.  The song is on his debut album titled "Spirit In Me" which was officially released today, followed by a series of live radio performances.

"Being in iHeart Radio on Demand Top Ten this quickly is incredible.  states UK Pop musician Tobi Earnshaw aka TOBI. "I'm just doing what I love so it's great that the listeners like my music".

Mctrax CEO Andy Fraser saw potential in Tobi as his first artist signing in early 2011. "Tracking was a dream...I gave him complete freedom to do his thing, and he gave me complete freedom to play with it. For him, I suspect it was like holding a mirror up to him, to give first glance at himself and enormous potential. states Fraser about the recording process.  "The song "Brighten up my Day", was written by Tobi at age 14 in London about a blond beauty over a summers holiday. "It has become the first single, but I am convinced we have several very strong follow ups" Fraser states.

With Fraser's background as a legendary co-songwriter and bassist for the classic 70's rock group Free (All Right Now) and later  continuing a solo career and  mega hit songwriter for such artists as Joe Cocker, Etta James, Rod Stewart, Robert Palmer) he has the uncanny ability to locate solid talent.  "[Tobi] has the natural ability to be a 'pop' artist with integrity and rock concert performer. He has the same freedom in his lyric writing as a John Mayer, or even Bob Dylan, in the honesty and openness, being not afraid to show vulnerability. Plus the guitar skills of an Eric Clapton, Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn. has learned and taken from the best, very few have that."

"No one comes away after a listen and doesn't say 'This guy's got a big future'" Fraser further states.

Tobi, and Fraser will be hosting the Clear Channel Lunch performance on August 3rd. followed by a live performance on Last FM Discover at the CBS Interactive stage performance on August 4th.