June 10, 2014 General News

Hannah Mermaid Fraser Succeeds in World's First Ever Attempted ‘Dance With Tiger Sharks'

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In one of the most dangerous acts of conservation ever undertaken, Brit-born Australian, Hannah Fraser (daughter of rock icon, Andy Fraser), comes face-to-face with tiger sharks in the world’s first ever model shoot/dance with the species – no human has ‘danced’ with tiger sharks ever before. Model and conservationist, Hannah Fraser, plunged face-to-face with swarms of sharks, including one of the most feared of them all, wild tiger sharks; whilst totally void of any scuba or free-dive equipment – a world first and fatally dangerous.


The objective is to present the magnificent tiger shark in a true and positive light as Hannah is captured in an iconic face-to-face image with a huge 15 foot tiger shark, her hand resting gently on it's massive head. What makes this shoot entirely unique is that Hannah is devoid of any scuba or free-dive gear. Dressed only in a tiny costume and airbrush body paint to create the perfect artistic impression, Hannah undertook the dive without mask, fins or any sort of protective gear. Despite the fatal risks and relying solely on her skills, training and experience (along with the diligent support of her expert team) Hannah was resolute in her mission to create the most groundbreaking imagery to oppose to the culling of Tiger Sharks.


Teaming up with Emmy Award winning cinematographer and photographer Shawn Heinrichs, and the world's leading authority on interactions with large "predatory" sharks, Jim Abernethy, the trio embarked on one of the world’s most dangerous missions, the likes of which has never before been attempted.


Many people have asked me why I would put my life on the line to do this. I feel that all animals have the right to a natural and balanced life within our eco-system. We humans have a history of annihilating anything we see as a threat and seriously unbalancing the food chain to the point where we are endangering our own existence. I advocate for greater understanding and awareness for all sea creatures, and hope to inspire people to see that sharks, despite being one of the world’s most effective predators, are also intelligent, magnificent animals worthy of protection. We are currently killing over 100 million sharks per year, and there are only 5 reported human fatalities by sharks per year worldwide. It’s worth examining the viewpoint that we are actually the heartless predators!”, states Hannah Fraser.

British born underwater model and conservationist, Hannah "Mermaid" Fraser, succeeds in never-before attempted dance with wild Tiger sharks  - the footage you will see is totally real, no CGI or special effects.


Tears of a Mermaid - On Location: "Tigress" Tiger Shark Shoot, The Bahamas from NINETEEN87 on Vimeo.


Over 100 million sharks are killed by humans every year. Demand for shark fins is depleting the oceans of their top predators. This can have a destabilizing effect on the marine ecosystem as a whole, and potentially threatens yields of other commercially important species. As we approach the 40th anniversary of Spielberg’s first Jaws movie, where sharks were thrust into the media spotlight as killers, humans have had been fed a severe misconception of this species. The fact is there are no more than 15 shark fatalities to humans globally around the world, but us humans feel justified in killing over 100 million sharks each year. We need to turn this ugly picture around – Hannah Fraser’s world first model shark dive shows the beauty.


This is just one exciting chapter in Hannah and Shawn's journey to bring these stories of inspiration to the planet, with the goal of putting a stop to the destruction of our oceans. Their journey together will be told in a new feature film, ‘Tears of a Mermaid’, to be released next year. To discover how the team pulled off this incredible shoot go to: Tears of a Mermaid