March 04, 2014 General News

Mctrax International Releases

Mctrax International is pleased to announce the international release of "I Found God" by Andy Fraser, from the album “On Assignment”


I Found God produced and written by Andy Fraser, features a rhythmic laid back beat that includes Fraser's signature bass sound, as well as, a welcome surprise for many fans … his vibrant vocals. The song “I Found God”, is Fraser's poignant discovery of God which enabled him to come to terms with being gay.

As the lyrics uncover, “There was nobody baby nothing I could depend... Oh how I needed somebody. I found God comforting me, truly humbling, when I found I was gay.” A survivor of both cancer and AIDS, Andy Fraser is a strong social activist and defender of individual human rights. “I’m actually very bold. It’s part of the “coming out” process. And because I got so low, I… I don’t care anymore. When John Lennon first said, “Imagine no possessions”, it’s easy to think about that now, but imagine no friends, imagine no sex, imagine… nothing. And when you strip it down to nothing, what is left? Only God. I don’t know if it’s coincidental or that’s how the Universe works, but literally when I came to terms with being gay, I also found God in my life, and I think that maybe not so accidental. It’s sort of right in the face of all yer religious homophobes. When you find the truth, it’s in all aspects.”, stated Fraser in Magazine.

Andy Fraser has enjoyed phenomenal international success throughout the span of his forty year career. He's been honored by BMIs 4 Million Play Club for crafting the monster rock anthem "All Right Now," and is best known around the world as legendary bassist and founding member of the 70s rock band FREE, songwriter for Robert Palmer's mega-hit "Every Kinda People", and has written and composed for artists including; Rod Stewart, Chaka Khan, Paul Young, Joe Cocker, Paul Carrick, Wilson Pickett, Three Dog Night, Bob Seger, Randy Crawford, Etta James, Frankie Miller, and Ted Nugent.


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