August 10, 2012 General News

All Right Now... Life, Death And Life Again

 He Spent 20 years in silence, but Andy Fraser, hit songwriter and 'Free' bassist has opened up about his life in a  tell-all auto biography co-written with author Mark Hughes. "All Right Now... Life, Death And Life Again" is set for an  official UK release on the 15th October, proceeded by a brand new single, album and Wembley Stadium  performance.    

 "All Right Now. I was 17 when I created that song, with a little bit of help from Paul Rodgers. It was a throwaway  song, took just a few minutes. The chorus came into my head as a sort of soothing mantra after we’d walked off  stage to the sound of our own footsteps and everyone was down. In the dressing room afterwards I just wanted to  pull us all out of it, just started this little chant ‘All Right Now’ like you might calm a child that’s upset. It grew from a  little sound in the back of my head to something bigger, more insistent, louder and in no time at all I was up,  grooving. Some time later Paul put a few teenage fantasy lyrics to it – and there it was, the song that set the four of  us up for life."

 "All Right Now...Life, Death And Life Again" is available exclusively from Amazon Kindle and directly from the  McTrax Delivery System.

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