September 21, 2011 General News

Mctrax CEO Andy Fraser Eligible for 2 Grammy Nominations for Best Producer/ Engineer

Having been involved in the recording studio since the age of 15 while bassist for iconic rock band Free, and having penned a number of mega-hit songs for such artists as Joe Cocker, Etta James, Rod Stewart and Robert Palmer, Mctrax CEO Andy Fraser had involved himself in the recording of his label mate and UK teen pop guitarist TOBI and now is eligible for a Grammy nomination in the categories of Best Producer non-classical and Best Engineered non-classical for the album "Spirit In Me."

"I tried to keep it simple," states Fraser when reflecting on the overall integrity of the recording process. "My intention was to build around and enhance the singer and the song, as opposed to trying to fit him into some preconceived format/ platform, encouraging TOBI to be himself, trust his instincts, and feel free to be open/ expressive, rather than try to change or mold him into something else. With today's technology so readily at hand, it is really all down to the quality of the content. The spirit, tone, integrity of the song and performance."

Originally a classically trained pianist as a child and moving to bass in his early teens under the tutelage of legendary Brit blues architects Alexis Korner and John Mayall, Fraser is known for revolutionizing the art of bass playing by combining the raw energy of blues with hard rock in the late 60's to help form the "blues rock" sound. As a founding member, bassist and co-songwriter for the iconic rock band Free (Paul Rodgers, Andy Fraser, Simon Kirke, Paul Kosoff) Fraser wrote and co-produced some of their most groundbreaking and world renowned songs, including the worldwide mega hit "All Right Now," having been honored with BMI's "Million-Air" award for passing 3 million radio/television plays in the U.S., making it one of the most enduring classics of the rock 'n roll era. "Free first started getting radio play on the R&B stations in places like Philadelphia and along the East Coast. Fraser recalls of Free's initial radio success, "TOBI also has an R&B influence in his writing and playing, while still being very accessible to young pop-minded listeners and rock-minded guitar enthusiasts. Tobi's influences, I guess like mine are from the best of R&B, Blues, Soul and pop rock artists. I think his appeal is very wide ranging, and not limited to any single genre."

Fraser started his own independent record label Mctrax International in 2005 as a vehicle to release his own material, and eventually created its own music delivery system in 2011. It has since become a less expensive method of delivering music straight to the listener for a few cents without the aid of other systems such as iTunes, Google etc. TOBI, a UK teen pop guitarist, was signed to the label after a referral from one of Fraser's former band members. 

Fraser has written a substantial amount of hit songs including Robert Palmer's smash hit, "Every Kinda People," as well as having his songs recorded by such recording artists as Joe Cocker,Rod Stewart, Three Dog Night, Etta James, Bob Seger, and Chaka Khan among others. Fraser's musical career continued after Free with such bands as Sharks and The Andy Fraser Band, along with his solo material that includes the albums, "Fine, Fine Line" and "Naked-and Finally Free."

Fraser reflects on his eligibility alongside the album "Spirit In Me" having been made eligible for a Grammy in 9 categories, "Anything the album earns is a reflection of TOBI's talent."

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