September 13, 2011 General News

Mctrax Recording Artist Tobi Eligible for Voting in 9 Categories for the 2012 Grammy Awards

Produced by Andy Fraser, the album "Spirit In Me"

receives critical acclaim on U.S. Promotional tour

After receiving praise by CBS's as "A New Guitar Wunderkind," reaching number 2 on Clear Channel iHeart Radio's IN DEMAND "Discover and Uncover" top 20 as an "Artist To Watch," and the video for the song "Brighten Up My Day" currently reaching over 12 million households, 16 year-old Mctrax Recording Artist TOBI was recently made eligible for voting in the 2012 Grammy Awards in 9 different categories including "Best New Artist."

"It's really exciting to think that it would even be possible to have a shot at something so big," says Tobi.  "I am grateful to other people taking interest in my music, and I am actually amazed that it had such an impact."

"Having Tobi, not only on the Grammy eligibility list but in multiple categories, is confirmation of my initial instincts that here was a new, young artist to be reckoned with," says "Spirit In Me" producer and Mctrax CEO Andy Fraser. "To have him go immediately onto iHeart Radio's Top 20 most in demand, and remain there so long in the top 5 only underlines that we're working with a winner here," Fraser states.

Tobi, a pop blues singer/guitarist, recently went on a U.S. summer radio tour with Fraser to promote his debut album "Spirit In Me" while at the same time speaking on behalf of the celebrity musician driven nonprofit website "Artists Support Japan."  While on the road they were invited to perform at Clear Channel Radio and CBS Interactive Music Group studios in New York, as well as various interview appearances which included a stop over in Vancouver, B.C. with radio show hosts Bro Jake and Loverboy vocalist Mike Reno.  

In addition to the Best New Artist category, the Grammy Awards eligibility includes Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, and Best R&B Album.  The song "Brighten Up My Day" and its promotional video have also been made eligible in four categories which include Song Of The Year, Best R&B Song, Best Short Form Music Video, and Best Pop Solo Performance.

Although excited about the possibilities, Tobi remains humble. "I can say I have definitely had a look into what I hope will be a long successful career in music. I have also learned what has to be done to push myself, and how hard I will have to work to get there," he says.  "[Tobi] has everything needed to be one of tomorrow's major performers, with his song-writing abilities, that freedom with lyrics seen only rarely with other greats like John Mayer, Dylan, etc. plus his explosive virtuoso guitar playing, in the tradition of Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Hendrix, makes him a winner although still only 16 years old," Fraser further states.